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Late Night Studying Finals Week - Coll. of Liberal Arts

Coll. of Liberal Arts classrooms & public spaces will be available for individuals or group study sessions during final exams.

Weekend: Friday, Nov. 30th – Monday, Dec. 3rd. Cobra Security will arrive before each building is locked on Friday night.  We will have security in the building continuously until Monday morning at 7:30am.  There will only be certain doors unlocked.  There will always be one guard at the building entrance, with several security personnel roaming the halls.  


Weeknights – Monday, Dec. 3rd  till Friday, Dec. 7th. Cobra Security will arrive before each building is locked for the night, and they will stay in the building overnight, and leave at 7:30am the next morning.  Similar to the weekend, one person stays in at the one open door, and we have roaming security for the hall(s).  



 Floors 1-4 will be open.  Not 5th floor. 

Grove-side entrance doors only open



 All floors/classrooms will be open

Bottom floor doors that face Bondurant will be open


Hume Hall  

First floor only

Doors facing Circle will be open