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LoveCRAFT October Workshops in the IDEAlab

Join us for free workshops in the IDEAlab (located on the 1st Floor of the J.D. Williams Library). Registration required.

Please email RSVPs to Christina Streeter at

CHTULU & FRIENDS PLUSHIES: Sew your own tentacled "old one" or design your own cuddly dark minion. We will help you create a pattern and teach you basic sewing techniques for this LoveCRAFT. You will need to bring at least a 1 ft x 3 ft piece of polar fleece to this workhop. Registration required.

Dates of Workshops: Oct. 17th 4pm OR Oct. 26th 3:30pm


GLOWING EYES PORTRAITS: Create haunting portraits using simple circuitry, LED diodes and copper tape. Registration required.

Dates of Workshops: Oct. 12th 3:30pm OR Oct. 15th 3:30pm


MAKEY-MAKEY SOUND FX: Great beginners class on learning how to code and use microprocessors. Learn how to make sound effects on using Makey-Makey equipment. Please bring a laptop. Registration required.

Dates of Workshops: Oct 19th 12noon OR Oct. 24th 3pm


LIGHT PAINTING: Learn how to create mystical designs using a camera and LED light sources. Registration required.

Date of Workshop: Oct 22nd 3:30pm