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Save the Date for Parking Permit Registration

The Go Live! dates for online parking permit registration for the 2019-2020 academic year will begin July 8 and continue through July 25.

Please remember to update your vehicle information when purchasing a new permit.  The introduction of License Plate Recognition software will make it essential to have the correct license plate information in our database.  License plates will function as a permit identifier in coordination with your decal or hangtag.  Failure to purchase a permit with the correct license plate may result in a $25.00 fine. 


Online registration for parking permits will begin at 8:00 AM CDT on the following dates:

Faculty and Staff:

July 8


July 15 – East Residential

July 16 – Central Residential

July 17 – West Residential

July 18 – South Residential & Campus Walk

*Please note, permits are limited for residential zones.  If your designated zone’s permits are no longer available, or if you prefer garage parking, there will be a Residential Garage permit option.


July 22 – Seniors/Graduate Students (90+ Hours Completed)

July 23 – Juniors (60-89 Hours Completed)

July 24 – Sophomores (30-59 Hours Completed)

July 25 – Freshmen (0-29 Hours Completed)

*Please note, commuter permits are limited.  Commuter parkers will have the option of Commuter, Pavilion Garage – reserved space, or Park and Ride permits based on availability. 

**Student parking permit classification is determined by residence and hours completed as indicated by the Registrar’s Office.