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Research & Creative Achievement-Related Photography

The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs/ORSP is building a portfolio of research-related photos and requests your assistance.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is building a portfolio of research-related photographs and needs the assistance of faculty, staff and students.

These photographs — specifically action photographs of UM research, whether in a laboratory setting or the field — will allow the university to better tell the story of its research and creative achievement successes through news releases, social media postings, pamphlets, websites, public presentations, videos, etc. Greater exposure for UM research also means greater exposure for UM’s faculty, staff and students that could assist them in their future endeavors.

Here is how you can assist ORSP in creating this photography portfolio. ORSP asks that faculty, staff and students be mindful of when they are conducting research if their work would be a useful addition to this portfolio. If so, the process is simple:

1. Photograph the research as it is happening. Any smartphone is capable of capturing a high-resolution image if the image is shared at its actual size. (Images 2 MB and larger are usually good. The image’s DPI — dots per inch — can be manipulated by ORSP on these large images. 200 DPI and larger are usually good.)

2. Avoid posed shots if at all possible. This portfolio is intended to showcase the exciting researching occurring at UM; action photographs do that.

3. Include a brief paragraph that describes in general terms what is happening in the photograph, who is in the photograph and who should get credit for the photograph. 

4. That’s it. Photos can be emailed to ORSP via

Not comfortable taking your photographs? Faculty, staff and students can contact Shea Stewart, communications specialist for ORSP, at, to schedule him for photographs.


University Marketing and Communications has a skilled team of professional photographers who are constantly in the field searching for new imagery ideas. Email or call Photography Services at (662) 915-7260 or email to schedule them for photographs. ORSP would welcome those photographs in the portfolio as well.

Any further questions or concerns can be sent to Shea Stewart via


Thank you for your help,

Josh Gladden, Ph.D. 

Vice Chancellor for Research & Sponsored Programs