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LMR Live! -- The Performer as Entrepreneur

Join host Nancy Maria Balach for a conversation about the changing role of the performer, and the benefits of thinking entrepreneurially

LMR Live! is an entertaining and informative interview program that features high-caliber professionals from the music and music business worlds.  Episode #30 — The Performer as Entrepreneur — will be in Nutt Auditorium on Friday, January 17th at 7:30 pm.

How has the role of the artist changed?  What is the nature of the relationship between an artist and his or her community?  What does this mean for performers and artists just starting out, and how can non-artists utilize these ideas?

Join the studio audience or the live stream (via to participate in this fascinating conversation.  Audience members may ask questions of the guests; those watching the live stream may submit questions online.

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Admission is free and all are welcome.