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CSD 303 Communication Deficits in Older Adults F2020

Will you encounter older adults in your profession? Older adults are at a higher risk for speaking, hearing, and/or swallowing difficulties.

Attention students who are interested in working with older adults: 

CSD303 Communication Deficits in Older Adults.

In this class, students will learn why some older adults have speaking, hearing or swallowing difficulties and how to communicate with them better with case-examples. This is an elective course for students in Communication Sciences & Disorders, but can be beneficial to anyone who interacts with older adults for their future career or a personal relationship. The class is primarily taught online using an asynchronous approach, but will be augmented with a few online review sessions via Zoom on Mondays/Wednesdays at 11am. There are no prerequisits for taking this class. The class is offered during both fall and spring semesters and seats are currently available for the fall semester.