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Workshop: Finding and Using Open Access Material

Open Access Week Event, sponsored by the University of Mississippi Libraries.

In this workshop, Adam Clemons will discuss strategies for locating open access scholarly content outside of traditional library databases in resources like repositories, directories, and portals. Participants will also learn more about how using open access content can break down barriers of racism, discrimination, and exclusion.

Thursday, October 22nd 1pm-2pm

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The 2020 Digital Scholarship Committee of the University of Mississippi Libraries is proud to host events during International Open Access Week, October 19-25. The theme this year is “Open with Purpose.” While “openness can be a powerful tool for building more equitable systems of sharing knowledge” it is important to recognize the “historic legacies of injustice” – barriers in the form of racism, discrimination, and exclusion – even in spaces where “openness is a core value.” It is equally important that we recognize who is being excluded from this space and work towards a more inclusive, equitable knowledge sharing system. Join us for a series of events that will explore ways in which you can participate in open access at the University of Mississippi and be part of a growing, worldwide movement to bring equity to research and education.

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