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Guidance due to Ongoing Disruptions to Operations

Please see details for guidance on classes, telecommuting, meetings, and events as disruption to operations due to weather continue.

While weather emergencies present new, and many times unpredictable, challenges, we also need to balance those challenges with keeping our students on track in their courses and resuming as many university operations as possible using remote options and telecommuting. Therefore, while the campus will be closed Wednesday and there is a potential for the further disruptions this week, we will be resuming virtual operations on Wednesday. We encourage faculty and staff to plan for virtual operations for the remainder of the week as best as possible. Announcements to the campus community regarding campus closures and telecommuting operations will be made daily as further information regarding weather and travel conditions becomes available.

Guidance to Faculty for Classes This Week

Given the prolonged disruption, faculty will need to have as many options as possible to help students stay on track with their classes and course content:

  • Face-to-face, hybrid, and remote classes may be conducted virtually where possible.
  • Instructors should be sure to contact their students as to what they are planning to do.
  • Instructors who choose to use synchronous meetings should be prepared to offer clear options for those who cannot attend synchronously. For example, options such as not counting absences against students unable to attend, making recordings available, and extending windows for completion of quizzes and assignments to overlap with campus reopening should be considered.
  • Students should be encouraged to monitor their UM email for updates from their instructors on their specific courses.


  • Those employees who have the capability to telecommute should return to telecommuting to the extent that they are set up and able to do so.
  • Employees should check in with their supervisor if there are questions or issues that will prevent those who have the ability to telecommute from doing so.
  • Supervisors are asked to be cognizant and understanding of those employees who might still be impacted by the winter weather and have difficult performing telecommuting operations.
  • Employees should discuss administrative and personal leave options with their supervisors to determine which is applicable based on their individual situation.
  • Visit for additional guidance regarding telecommuting.  


  • Synchronous meetings held remotely may take place at the discretion of the organizer.
  • If it is determined that a meeting needs to occur virtually while campus is closed, meeting organizers should give ample notice to attendees so that they can make the appropriate arrangements.
  • Meeting organizers are asked to be cognizant and understanding of those employees who might be impacted by the winter weather and will be unable to attend remotely.


  • Remote or virtual University-sponsored events may be held at the discretion of event organizers. Contact organizers directly with questions about a specific event scheduled for days or times when the campus is closed.