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Faculty Covid-19 Impact Survey

The Faculty Senate seeks your participation in taking a short survey on how COVID-19 has impacted faculty work-life balance.


Dear Faculty,

The Faculty Senate Executive committee, in collaboration with the Research and Creative Achievement standing committee, needs your help with an important initiative. We have heard several anecdotal reports of COVID-19 related impacts on faculty work-life balance. In an effort to gain a deeper understanding of these issues on a campus wide basis, we seek your participation in a questionnaire. The data from this questionnaire will be aggregated and used to communicate about and advocate for faculty on our campus. The questionnaire should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

The questionnaire was adapted from the AERA-Spencer COVID-Impact Survey that was originally developed by the American Education Research Association (AERA).  The instrument was designed to measure the impact COVID-19 had on academic working conditions. Items include a combination of multiple choice and short answer items.

Your participation in this important study is sincerely appreciated. If you have any questions or additional comments about the study, please contact Donna Buckley, chair of the Faculty Senate Research and Creative Achievement Committee, at

Below is a link to the survey.



Meagen Rosenthal, PhD 

Faculty Senate Chair