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Enroll JOUR 101 – Media, News & Audience – for May

Enroll in this intro May online course about journalism, media and marketing, and their role in our lives. No prerequisites required.

There are no prerequisites for this online May Intersession class JOUR 101 – Media, News & Audience – Web 1 If you are a student who has been thinking of giving journalism or integrated marketing communications a try, this class is a good introduction to the media world.

It is designed to make students think more deeply about media and marketing, and their role in our lives. And it may help you decide what path to take. It is also a prerequisite for other journalism and IMC courses, so May is a good time to take it.

Professor LaReeca Rucker teaches this class that offers an introduction to the various facets of communication, from the world of news media to the persuasive realms of marketing, advertising, public relations and social media.

This course will also strengthen your knowledge of the media and communications industries, their history and current practices, their content, and their effects on us as individuals and society.