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Collegiate Recovery Community Alliance Interest Meeting

Grab-N-Go interest session with free Chick-fil-A to show support for our students in recovery from alcohol and other drugs.

The mission of the Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) is to provide a nurturing, affirming environment in which students in recovery from alcohol or other drugs can achieve academic success. To accomplish this mission, our goal is to provide academic and social support to our students to further facilitate personal and professional growth. This will better ensure each member has an active and fulfilling collegiate experience without the use of alcohol or drugs. As we all know, sobriety can be a difficult journey for individuals but especially for college students. The college culture depicts a message of experimental substance use that students can simply stop after graduation. However, for many students this is not the case. The CRC is meant to be a resource for these students and a chance for us to disrupt the culture and change the landscape of substance use in our community. We cannot do this alone though. Help us disrupt the culture!

The William Magee Center is developing the CRC Alliance. It will consist of a diverse group of University of Mississippi employees and Oxford community members who are personally in recovery or support students in recovery. The goal of The Alliance will be to aid our college students in their recovery journey and cultivate a healthy UM experience. We feel the best way The Alliance can provide support is to simply be present. Alliance members will be invited to attend all of our new open meetings for the fall. These include AA meetings, Mindfulness Monday sessions, SMART Recovery, and much more. 

If you are interested in joining the CRC Alliance, we will be hosting a grab and go interest tabling session on Thursday, July 29th at the Union Plaza from 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Stop by to chat with the William Magee Center's Certified Prevention Specialist and CRC Coordinator, Kyle Loggins. Chick-Fil-A breakfast will also be provided. 

If you are unable to attend but are still interested in learning more about our group, please email Kyle Loggins at