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Participants needed for an exercise and caffeine study!

We are investigating the response of caffeine abstinence to blood flow restricted upper body exercise in regular caffeine users.

We need participants for a study investigating the effects of caffeine abstinence on the response to blood flow restricted exercise in those who regularly consume caffeine. This study will require three, 60-minute visits, which will be conducted in Turner Center 243A. This study has been approved by UM’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). 

For this study you can expect:  

  1. Screening paperwork  

  1. Caffeine questionnaire 

  1. Blood pressure measurement  

  1. Cardiovascular response assessment 

  1. Strength and muscle activity assessment 

  1. 3 sets of blood flow restricted biceps curls  

  1. Ratings of discomfort and exertion  


Unfortunately, you will be unable to participate in this study if you (1) take medication that would influence heart rate or blood pressure, (2) regularly used nicotine within the last 6 months, (3) have more than 1 risk factor for thromboembolism, (4) are not a regular caffeine user, or (5) do not resistance train the upper body. If you can participate in this study you will need to schedule a time in which you would be able to avoid exercise and alcohol for 24 hours, and food for 2 hours.   

For scheduling, please contact Daphney Stanford at or Matthew Chatlaong at