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Inclusive Teaching Practices Grant Opportunity

Inclusive Teaching Grants for course redesigns to reach all students and student populations historically underserved in education.

Developing Inclusive Teaching Practices
2022-2023 Grant Opportunity

In Support of the Pathways to Equity Strategic Plan


Inclusive Classroom Teaching Grants, for the design, implementation, and reporting of course revisions to enhance teaching and learning for, but not limited to, racially minoritized students, first-generation students, and students affected by poverty. While the goals of inclusive teaching are directed at targeted student populations historically underserved in education, the course design and teaching strategies benefit all students.

Each award will be worth $4,000 in pre-tax supplemental salary.


All University of Mississippi faculty, regardless of status. Graduate students and staff, who serve as instructors of record, are also welcome to apply. Faculty and/or graduate students would be able to combine applications as a team who teach multiple sections of the same course, but would be expected to have proportionate goals, i.e., as a general rule a group of applicants should be able to accomplish more than a single applicant.


During the fall semester of 2022, faculty will work in an inclusive teaching learning community to ground themselves in the principles of inclusive teaching and structured pedagogical practices. Through the learning community faculty will build familiarity with strategies for improved diversity, equity, and inclusion outcomes such that they will be able to design an inclusive teaching project for spring semester 2023. The general process for designing teaching interventions will follow this process:

a) Gather data about your course

You will start by collecting disaggregated data about the impact of your course on racially minoritized students, first-generation students, and students affected by poverty. You might look first at course data you have, if you have taught the course previously: where have students succeeded? Where have students struggled?

The learning community facilitators will help you obtain institutional data on disaggregate student outcomes for the course through Tableau, the Diversity Dashboard, and IREP inquiries.

b) Design course revision(s)

Faculty will review four course areas through the lens of the Pathways to Equity Plan and consider revisions to improve the learning environment for minoritized students, first-generation students, and students affected by poverty.

Diversity: A focus on belonging

  • Classroom Climate
  • Curricular Representation

Equity: A focus on infrastructure

  • Course Design
  • Course Policies

Inclusion: A focus on engaging students

  • Teaching Strategies
  • Assessment Strategies


Classroom Climate

Course Design

Curricular Representation

Teaching and Assessment Strategies

Creating a welcoming and supportive classroom climate for minoritized students

Designing courses for inclusion, access, and success

Representing minoritized students in the curriculum and classroom

Adopting teaching and assessment strategies proven to benefit underserved students


The Inclusive Teaching Learning community in Fall 2022 will involve exploring inclusive teaching resources located in a digital platform, monthly convenings, and two optional Zoom consultations. The learning community will meet on a monthly basis September 2022 - May 2023 (including December and January) to support faculty as they apply their interventions. The community digital platform will feature inclusive teaching resources including planning worksheets, articles, community-developed artifacts, and training materials. During the learning community convenings, CETL and guest speakers will review the principles of inclusive teaching, the application of those principles in course design, and support for the design process. And in the two optional Zoom consultations, grant recipients will have the opportunity to ask individualized questions and receive feedback specific to their proposal.

c) Apply course revision and collect data

During the spring of 2023, faculty will teach with a course with revisions to enhance outcomes for racially minoritized students, first-generation students, and students affected by poverty. Faculty will attend monthly convenings of the learning community.  Additionally, faculty will collect data before, during, and after the semester to measure the effectiveness of their proposed teaching revisions.

d) Interpret and share results

From the conclusion of spring semester until the beginning of fall semester 2023, faculty will interpret the results of their revised teaching approaches. Again, the resources of CETL will be available to support faculty in their efforts to review and interpret their impacts. Faculty will present a brief summary of their findings and conclusions during spring 2023 event with timing TBD. Lastly, grant recipients will submit a final report to CETL by 1 October 2023.


  1. Participate in an inclusive teaching learning community during AY 2022-2023, with monthly convenings.
  2. During fall semester 2022, grant recipients will have the option to participate in two scheduled zoom consultations with CETL to review and support their individual projects.
  3. Grant recipients will have access to resources in a digital community platform, which will extend and deepen their engagement with inclusive teaching pedagogy.
  4. Grant recipients will report on progress and challenges, as well as support others in their progress toward goals.
  5. Grant recipients will implement their designed course interventions during spring semester 2023.
  6. Grant recipients will be available to give a presentation based on their experiences in AY 2023-24.
  7. Grant recipients will submit a report by 30 June 2023, evaluating the results of their project and progress toward meeting the goals articulated in their proposal.





Date or deadline

Grant Applications Open

16  May 2022

Grant Applications Close

30  June 2022

Grant Decisions Announced

15 July 2022

Launch of digital platform for Inclusive Teaching Learning Community

1 August 2022

First meeting

September 2022

Second meeting

October 2022

Third meeting

November 2022

Fourth meeting

December 2022

Fifth meeting

January 2023

Sixth meeting

February 2023

Seventh meeting

March 2023

Eighth meeting

April 2023

Final written report on inclusive teaching course revision

30 June 2023




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Inclusive Teaching Faculty Learning Community Application

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