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Research Participation Requested

Please consider helping us graduate by partaking in a training study.

Hello, we are from the Department of Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management at the University of Mississippi. We invite you to participate in a research study we are conducting for a dissertation. The title of the study is “Handgrip Training with and without Blood Flow Restriction on vascular and muscle adaptations”. This research will be performed to determine if low force muscle contractions with blood flow restriction can improve muscular and cardiovascular adaptations over the same exercise without blood flow restriction. We will also be comparing these adaptations to a group performing high force muscle contraction.

Our study will consist of four different groups. Group 1: low force contractions for four 2-minute sets using the dominant hand; Group 2: low force contractions in combination with blood flow restriction for four 2-minute sets using the dominant hand; Group 3: high force contractions for four 5-second maximal contractions; and Group 4: is a non-exercise time matched control. The total commitment for this study will be 20 total visits consisting of 18 training visits and 2 testing visits. Each of the testing visits (2 out of 20) will last approximately 75 minutes, while each training visit will last approximately 15 minutes.

You qualify if you:

  • Are between the ages of 18–35 years
  • Are not currently lifting weights (barbell/dumbbells, push-ups, etc.) and have not lifted weights in the last 6 months
  • Are not taking medication influencing heart rate/blood pressure.
  • Have not regularly used tobacco in the last 6 months.

This study has been approved by UM’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) # 22-019

There are no monetary compensation. However, we are a very loving and fun group of graduate students that would love to spend 6 weeks of the summer training you. Please join us in the Turner Center for some research fun. We would love to start the first visit around the week of June 6, 2022. Thank you! Please email Vic Wong ( or Rob Spitz ( for more information.