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Participate in a 2-week research study!

Are you 18-35 years old, healthy, untrained, male? Help us determine the effectiveness of a protocol on vascular health and tolerability!

We need participants for a study investigating vascular health adaptations to a blood flow restriction protocol. This study will require 11 visits to Turner Center 243A for the intervention group (~11 hours total). The intervention group will have blood flow restriction 5 times a week for 2 weeks and during the protocol you will have the opportunity to be productive while a cuff inflates and deflates on your arm.  The control group will only have 3 assessment visits (~3 hours total). This study has been approved by UM’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).  

  • Visit 1, 6, 11: Vascular health assessments, blood flow restriction 
  • Visit 1-10: Blood flow restriction 
  • Blood flow restriction: While seated, a cuff inflates for 5 minutes on the dominant arm 5 times 
  • Measures: Blood pressure, heart rate, ultrasound blood flow, tissue saturation index, biceps muscle thickness, perceptions 

Unfortunately, you will be unable to participate in this study if you (1) take any medication that would influence heart rate or blood pressure, (2) regularly used nicotine within the last 6 months, (3) are less than 18 or older than 35, (4) blood pressure > 140/90, (5) endurance or resistance trained, or (6) have more than 1 risk factor for thromboembolism. On your first visit and future assessment visits please avoid - alcohol & exercise for 24 hours and caffeine & food for 4 hours prior to your visit. Please do not start an exercise program during this study. Please maintain your typical sleep and nutrition habits throughout your participation in this study. For scheduling, please contact Daphney at