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A Fun and Reward Elective for the Fall Semester

Are you seeking a fun and rewarding elective for the Fall semester?

Are you preparing or finalizing your class schedule for Fall semester and thinking about trying something new.  Why not give Army ROTC a try for a semester.  If you ever thought about joining the military or if your currently serving in the Guard or Reserve and taking classes on campus.  Then this fits what your looking for. No matter what your academic status is, ROTC has a class that can fit your schedule.   He's what is taught in our freshman class. 

Basic Course: For Freshmen or Sophomores

During the academic year, you’ll learn basic Army skills and the fundamentals of leadership as you start your journey towards being a respected leader in the Army.

  • An elective that anyone can take without making a military commitment
  • It normally involves one elective class and lab each semester, along with the required physical training and field training exercises



If I enroll in Army ROTC, what is my future service obligation?

Enrolling in the ROTC Basic Course (the first two years of college) does not obligate you to serve unless you receive a scholarship. If you received a four-year ROTC scholarship, you must agree to serve four years full-time as an Army Officer after you graduate and then either extend your contract for four more years or serve four more years with the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) where you’ll return to civilian life but need to be ready to help in a national emergency. If you received ROTC scholarships, you will potentially have a four-year full-time or eight-year part-time contract.

What makes Army ROTC different?

The Army has a wide range of careers in more places around the world than any other U.S. military branch. Army ROTC offers mentorship, shadowing opportunities, and real-world leadership training while still having the full college experience.

Army Officer salaries are generally comparable with mid- to senior-level corporate executives. However, when you consider additional benefits like free health care for full-time Soldiers, as well as allowances for housing and food, opportunities to get an advanced degree without incurring debt, 30 days paid leave every year, and more financial benefits, the Army is more competitive than similar civilian careers. Take a look at these pay tables to see current salaries.

Can I still choose my college major?

Yes, you can choose any college major you wish and still commission as an Officer through ROTC when you graduate.

What are Army ROTC courses like?

In college, Army ROTC classes normally involve one elective class and one lab per semester. Although the classes involve hands-on fieldwork as well as classroom work, they are standard college classes that fit into a normal academic schedule.

If I'm in Army ROTC, do I still have to attend Basic Combat Training?

No, you’ll receive this training as part of your ROTC coursework, so you do not have to attend Basic Combat Training as well. After graduation, you will attend Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC), which will prepare you for your career as an Army Officer through classroom and field training.

Does this sounds like an elective that fits your Fall semester schedule then all you need to do is contact the Army ROTC department to have this class added to your schedule.