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Online Graduate Course on Mental Health (Full Summer)

PH 620: Emerging Issues in Public Health is a full summer online course focusing on mental health as a public health issue. Register now!

PH 620: Emerging Issues in Public Health will be a full summer, online, asynchronous course with the topic "Mental Health as a Public Health Issue." See the course description below:

This course will focus on a public health approach to mental health and mental health disorders. Through lecture, readings, and activities, students will develop a population-based understanding of mental health and substance use through a course emphasis on behavioral, social, and structural risk factors and consequences of mental health disorders. The material will also cover the use of public health programs to address mental health, and students will learn about strategies to promote mental wellness and build resilience throughout the lifespan.

Course registration for the summer semester is now open. This course will work well for those who need an elective or those interested in this topic. Reach out to Dr. Hannah Allen at with any questions.