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Updated safety advisory on Kincannon demolition

Hauling begins as early as Tuesday, Sept. 26. Security will be at crosswalks along the route trucks will use to remove debris from campus.

Demolition crews will tear down Kincannon Hall over the next month, and a fleet of dump trucks will remove the debris from campus. The trucks will remove 40-50 loads per day using the route illustrated on the attached campus map.

University Police urges caution whenever driving or walking in the vicinity of Kincannon. Here are the key details that you need to know.

Project Schedule: Work will occur on-site Monday-Saturday from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. until completion. Work will be suspended on key dates when campus activities create congestion in key areas. Here is the schedule:

  • Demolition began Tuesday, Aug. 29.
  • Hauling may begin as early as Tuesday, Sept. 26. Demolition work will continue and dump trucks will haul debris along the removal route Monday-Saturday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m., except for home football gamedays, until project is completed.

This timetable is subject to change due to weather delays and other considerations.

Debris Removal Route: When loaded, each dump truck will travel north on Rebel Drive, turn right to travel southeast on Jackson Avenue, and turn right again to travel south on Gertrude Ford Boulevard to Highway 6 and off campus. Empty dump trucks will follow the same route in reverse to access the Kincannon site. Every loaded dump truck will be led down Rebel Drive by an open golf cart as a pilot vehicle to enable communication with pedestrians if needed.

Pedestrian Safety: To maximize pedestrian safety while dump trucks navigate campus, security officers will be stationed at the following areas:

  • Four-way intersection of Rebel Drive and Student Union Drive
  • Three-way intersection of Rebel Drive and Northgate Drive
  • Two crosswalks on Rebel Drive between Northgate Drive and Jackson Avenue
  • Crosswalk on Gertrude Ford Blvd. between the Ford Center parking lot and Alumni Drive

How to stay safe: University Police urges all pedestrians to cross these streets only at crosswalks and remain aware of your surroundings while debris removal is underway. Signage will be stationed on Rebel Drive to discourage jaywalking and direct pedestrians to the crosswalks.

The university will share updates with the campus community as the demolition project continues. Everyone should stay alert in areas of campus affected by the project as we strive to uphold a safe environment while advancing plans to erect new student housing.