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Parking and Transportation

ADA placard use, misuse and enforcement notice

Please read the attached notice before using ADA placards to park on campus.

ADA placard use, misuse and enforcement notice

The Departments of Parking and Transportation and University Police ask the campus community to adhere to parking rules and regulations on campus to protect accessible parking spaces for those in need of them.  

Misuse and fraudulent use of ADA credentials: 

  • An individual may NOT display the ADA credentials of a different person to park in accessibility spaces on campus. 
  • No individual may erase and rewrite or in any way alter/change the date displayed on the ADA placard. 
  • Blocking an accessible curb cut, crosswalk or sidewalk will result in an accessibility-blocking offense. 

DPT enforces ADA parking by verifying ADA credentials with the state issuing agencies. Misuse of ADA credentials may result in a citation associated with the offense, immobilizing the vehicle and confiscating the ADA placard. 

Individuals with a state-issued, legal placard or license plate may park in any accessibility space on UM campus. The individual whose name is covered under the state-issued ADA credentials must be a passenger in the vehicle that is parking in the ADA spaces. The placard/license plate must be within the effective date as set by the state-issuing agency. See more information on DPT’s ADA webpage.

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